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Learn how to improve your map awareness, and vision-related skills with Eye Tracking in Mobalytics.

Metrics to help you Train and Improve

Whether you’re deep into playing League of Legends or more of an FPS straight shooter we’ve got the tools to help you train and level up.

Mobalytics with Tobii Eye Tracking

Skills to Create Thrills. Challenge yourself with insightful eye tracking metrics built to scale your attention skills in LoL.

Vision Metrics to rank up your game

We’ve got never before seen (pun intended) eye tracking metrics that give you insights into your play style which could make you jump for joy, or cringe in protest. Take the challenge and see what you’re missing.

Get Better. Faster

A new wave of training, to give you a competitive edge.

Peak Proficiency

Reach a higher level of performance through unparalelled insights.

Rise to the Top

Discover metrics to help you improve in competitive gaming.