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Get better at League of Legends with eye tracking in Mobalytics

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Get better at League of Legends with eye tracking in Mobalytics

Mobalytics Premium keys will be distributed by email from Tobii before the launch of the Mobalytics Desktop App in mid-April.
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How Mobalytics Works

Play LoL

Use eye tracking to measure how you spread your attention in-game. We'll target your Minimap awareness, Tunnel Vision, Fight Preparation, Information Processing, and Pick Awareness.

Get Insights

You'll get a wealth information on what separates you from the Shys and the Fakers of the world and you'll learn how to interpret the results.

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An eye tracker coupled with a premium Mobalytics subscription will get you access to tailored lesson plans.

Visual Attention Matters.

Visual attention is the ultimate resource. Since everyone has the same amount of game time, players that prioritize their attention and get the most from it come out on top. Low ELO players check their mimimap half as often as high ELO players, and this difference is even larger in the early phases of the game.

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