Eye Tracking Metrics to make you go BOOM! 

3D Aim Trainer + Tobii Eye Tracking have partnered up to skill up your aim in games and give you eye tracking metrics that are designed to help you improve.

A training tool for unparalleled insights

Improve your skills with looks that kill – An Eye Tracker gives you the possibility to measure and train very specific skills, which speeds up your development process, allows you to get better, faster.​

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The Next Generation of Eye Tracking for Gaming
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A Winning Combo
  • It takes a lot of time, practice, and dedication to get better, as an individual, or as a team.
  • Eye Tracking + 3D Aim Trainer gives you the additional skills you need to break the training ceiling.
  • Use a Tobii Eye Tracker + 3D Aim Trainer to improve your vision performance and become a better player, a better team, and rise to the top faster.
Train your aim with Eye Tracking in 3D Aim Trainer

Eye Reaction Time

Measures the time between the appearance of a target on screen and the time it takes for the eye to move to target.

Eye Speed

Measures the average speed of the eye movement going from one target to another.

Eye Accuracy

Measures the time spent focused on the center of the screen during the lifetime of a target. ​


Measures the total time spent viewing the HUD information.


The heatmap represents all the fixations on the screen and provides a post-game summary.

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