PUBG Global Championship 2019 Highlights - With Tobii Ghost

PUBG Global Championship 2019 Highlights - With Tobii Ghost

    Stream like the Pros

    Get the Official PGC Eye Tracking Streaming Tool.
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    What can Tobii Ghost do?

    You’ve seen it in action during the PUBG Global Championships. Now you too can use Tobii Ghost as a premium streaming tool that, powered by an eye tracker, gives your viewers the power to see what you see, allowing them to better understand your decision-making process.
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    Eyes on the game

    Eye Tracking is only active on one of your monitors, so when you are looking at a secondary screen, it disappears

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    Power of Ghost

    Invisible to you, visible to your viewers. Eye Tracking will not interfere with your gameplay.

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    Viewer control

    With the Tobii Ghost Twitch extension, your viewers can decide if they want to turn eye tracking on or off. They can also fully customize the shape, color and overall visibility of the eye tracking bubble.

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