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Take audience engagement
to the next level with Tobii Ghost.

Engage your viewership with insight into your visual attention,
in-game awareness and decision-making.

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Your fans on Twitch,
always in control.

Your Twitch viewers can easily customize
size, shape, color and visibility of the eye
tracking overlay. Or toggle it on/off

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Next level streaming interactions at the click of a Stream Deck

Switch between different profiles, enable and
disable Tobii Ghost and create brand new
layers of interactivity with your fans


Stream as an avatar
with Animaze,

now supported by
Tobii Eye Tracking!

Enable Tobii for even more accurate
eye and head tracking.


The next generation
of streamer and
viewer interaction.

Streamloots allows viewers to
redeem interaction cards with their
favorite streamers.


Become a VTuber
with VTube Studio

Improve model movements
with Tobii Eye Tracking

Enable Tobii for more accurate
eye and head tracking, even when looking down.

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Tobii Eye Tracker 5

The next generation of head and eye tracking, engineered for PC gaming.

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Use your head and eye movements to control the in-game camera.


Create and stream content that provides insights about your decision-making, fixation, and awareness.