Eye & Head Tracking for PC Gaming

A whole new world of immersion awaits you.

Tobii Eye Tracker 5

The next generation of head and eye tracking, engineered for PC gamers.
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Tobii Eye Tracker Mounting Kit

Our Flex Mount sticks easily to the bottom of your monitor. Flat, curved, ultrawide. No tools required.

Tobii Eye Tracker Carry Case

Take good care of your Tobii Eye Tracker with this all new Carry Case. It’s compact and designed to match your Tobii Eye Tracker 5 or Tobii Eye Tracker 4C.

Tobii Eye Tracker Tripod Bracket

Adaptable mounting solution for your Tobii Eye Tracker.

Tobii Horizon

Discover our PC-laptop application that uses the in-built webcam to deliver extended view.

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Promotion date: September 25th - October 9th 2023