Tobii Horizon

Extend your view

6DoF head tracking

Extend your view

6 degrees-of-freedom head tracking

Keep your hands on the controls and your head in the game

Tobii Horizon is a PC-laptop application that uses the in-built webcam to deliver extended view. It allows users to control the in-game camera with intuitive head movements for an immersive gaming and simulation experience. 

Lenovo Legio 7

Lenovo Legion 7 (16")

Tobii Horizon is currently shipping as preloaded software on the Lenovo Legion 7 — a next-generation gaming laptop with up to 8 high-performance cores in AMD Ryzen™ 9 mobile processors, delivering high frame rates and uncompromised battery life.

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About Tobii

To reach our vision of a world where technology works in harmony with people, we have built and developed sensor technologies that decode human attention. Using AI and computer vision techniques, our solutions deliver powerful real-time analytics that remove the barriers between machines and their users, promote digital transformation, and solve previously unsolvable problems.

Two decades of innovation

We bring you two decades of solution innovation, working with OEMs, ODMs, and independent software vendors in PC, VR, AR, and custom devices.

A comittment to excellence

Our technology works for everyone in any environment. Designed with standards, to a small form factor, minimal compute load, and low power consumption.

Global presence

With our HQ in Stockholm and more offices in Europe, North America, Taiwan, China, and Japan, we aim to make it easy for you to work with us.

We are currently working with a number of manufacturers to get Tobii Horizon shipping on as many PC-laptops as possible. It ships on the factory image and can be pushed to devices in the field. To find out more about this opportunity, get in touch. Contact us