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The Tobii Eye Tracking SDK provides game devs with the tools needed to build interactive eye-gaze enabled games and applications. The Tobii Eye Tracking Engine empowers game developers and studios to implement eye tracking functionality in their products faster and easier than ever before.

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Game Partner Studios

At Tobii we are looking to help create the best game experience possible with eye tracking. From AAA to indie titles, from horror and action to dramas and simulators, we always help our partner game studios to maximize the experience for their games.
Square Enix
Avalanche Studios
Starbreeze Studios

Software Partnership Program

Add Eye Tracking with Added Benefits

Join the ranks of Tobii partner studios like Square Enix, Ubisoft, Avalanche Studios, Might and Delight, Techland, and Broken Window Studios to harness the power of eye tracking and create entirely new, revolutionary experiences for gamers. Get your game promoted through Tobii partners such as Alienware, Acer, and MSI.

What else can you get?

  • Tobii Eye Tracker(s)
  • Design Recommendations for Integration Best Practices
  • Steam Key Purchase
  • Development Support

How did Ubisoft develop Assassin’s Creed with Tobii Eye Tracking?

Watch the interview with Ubisoft Producer Corneliu Vasiliu to get a glimpse into the development of Assassin’s Creed Rouge with Eye Tracking features.


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