Elevate Your Esports Event with Tobii Broadcasting

Engage the audience and get a whole new level of insight into the mind of pro players using eye tracking.

As Seen on Major Events

A tournament series organized by Electronic Sports League. It brings teams and players from all over the world compete in an esports tournament unlike any other.

A professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league. The league features 24 teams from across the world to compete in two 10-week league seasons annually

An international eSports championship tournament based in Shanghai and organized by AliSports. It is unique in that all teams must be composed of players of the same nationality to emphasize national pride.

A professional esports league for Rainbow Six Siege, hosted and organized by ESL in association with Ubisoft.

More Insights, More Action

Give everyone more to talk about with incredible, real-time insights into the players attention, focus and speed. Eye tracking lets broadcasters and audiences understand where the players are looking.

More Insights, More Action

Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

Setting up Tobii Broadcasting is way simpler than you imagine. Our team will take care of all the technicalities so you can focus on what matters: raising the playing field in esports.

"Eye tracking is such a cool thing to see, I absolutely love it"

— Rividence on Reddit regarding WESG Clip

"Just look at this - this is what you have to be looking at as a Counter Strike pro guys"

— Shox Eye Tracking | Dell Getting Technical - Group A | CS:GO Premier 2017

"I actually think this is really cool. You get a hint for what they are focused on"

— Cathy Pearson - Best Tech ELEAGUE