Tobii Gaming

Engineering for the future of gaming

Every gamer holds the memories of gaming during childhood close to their hearts.

We remember the wonder it brought us, we remember how cool it felt to become the character we were playing as, we remember how we felt when we were fully immersed in their world.

We remember the first time we got into a competitive game, the first time we attempted to become the very best at it, and the first time we competed for victory – to show to ourselves that we could get the job done if we put enough into it.

And we remember the first creators we ever followed, the first videos that made us laugh, the videos that introduced us to games we never thought we would play, until we did.

At Tobii Gaming, we build products to bring back the same wonder, the same competitiveness, and the same creator support that we felt as we took our first steps into the gaming world. We built the Tobii Eye Tracker to be a part of innovating gaming experiences – to revolutionize the way we play games, to become a vital tool for competitive gaming, and to power a new generation of content creators, as well as their followers.

The goal of our technology is about more than tracking your head and eye movement.

It is about recapturing the same magic that we felt all those years ago and becoming a part of the history of younger gamers as they take the steps that we once did.

We are Tobii Gaming and we are here to engineer for the future of Gaming.

Tobii Gaming is a part of Tobii AB, and our headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.