Explore X4: Foundations with Tobii Eye Tracking
由Tobii 眼动追踪提供支持

Explore X4: Foundations with Tobii Eye Tracking

Play this space simulation game with eye tracking that makes piloting any ship more immersive.

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See the stars with eye tracking.

Feel present in the expansive universe of X4: Foundations with Extended View giving you control of the in-game camera as you pilot your ships through space. Simply look towards the edges of the screen or turn your head to pan and rotate the camera. Giving you a more realistic and immersive view of your surroundings.

  • 延伸视角--眼睛&头部追踪
X4: Foundations - Trailer 2018
X4: FOUNDATIONS, the long-awaited sequel in the successful X series brings you the most sophisticated universe simulation ever. Manage an empire or explore space in the first person. Fly every ship, trade, and fight to build your empire with modular station construction and think carefully when embarking on an epic journey.






Tobii眼动仪5是为PC游戏设计的下一代头眼追踪设备,Tobii眼动仪 5是唯一一款能够同时追踪头部和眼部运动以进行游戏互动、电子竞技训练和流媒体的设备,它是一种革命性的新方式来玩和竞争你喜欢的游戏