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Identify your strengths and weaknesses according to eight fundamental skills and learn how to improve them.

Live Companion

Prepare to win your very next game by scouting all players in your match and getting the best builds.

Eye Tracking

See how your map awareness and vision-related skills stack up to the pros by using Tobii Eye Tracking equipment.

Meta Tier List

Discover the most optimal champions for climbing every patch according to your role and skill level.

Five Metrics. To Rule Them All.

We’ll be able to benchmark you in five different aspects of the game.
Visual Attention Matters.
Visual attention is the ultimate resource. Since everyone has the same amount of game time, players that prioritize their attention and get the most from it come out on top. Low ELO players check their mimimap half as often as high ELO players, and this difference is even larger in the early phases of the game.
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