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Here you can download everything you need for a successful eye tracking demo.

So, you got your Tobii Eye Tracker sorted and now you just need to get started with setting up the core software and demos.

What is Eye Tracking? Eye tracking lets your device know where you’re visually focused, giving you an extra input mode when it comes to gaming. It also makes interaction feel more real. Your experience becomes richer and your instincts extend into the game itself. All this made possible by illuminators and sensors that calculate your gaze point on your device’s screen.


Installing the Core software

  • If you have a peripheral eye tracker such as the EyeX, SteelSeries Sentry or the Eye Tracker 4C, connect your eye tracker. Please make sure to use a USB 2.0 port for the Eye Tracker 4C and USB 3.0 port for the EyeX and the SteelSeries Sentry.
  • Install the software. You can find all the software bundles available here.
    Important! Make sure to download and install the right bundle for your device.
  • Once installed, you’ll be taken through a get started guide.


Get started

  • If you have an eye tracker peripheral you will be asked to go through a display setup where you will let the software know which screen you have mounted the eye tracker on. Please read more about how to do a Display setup here.
  • Next step, calibration time! This is done to get the right calculations for better accuracy. There will be 7 calibration points that you need to look at until they pop.
  • If there are any issues detecting your eyes, please make sure you’re positioned correctly in front of the eye tracker. You need to be placed within 50 – 95 cm in front of the eye tracker and at a proper height for the sensors to detect your eyes.
  • Does it work with glasses, lenses or if I’ve had eye surgery?
  • Is it safe?
  • When the calibration is done, you get to name your profile. If you only wear glasses sometimes, we recommend that you create two different profiles.To create a second profile once you’re done with the get started guide, check out how to create a new profile.
  • You will now be introduced to eye tracking in a self-going demo. Want to skip it? Just press [ESCAPE].



  • If you can’t launch the get started guide, it might be because your eye tracker can’t be detected and this might be a sign that there could be a connection issue.
  • If you have an eye tracker peripheral, it could be due to your USB controller not providing enough power for the eye tracker. The eye tracker roughly needs 5-6 W for a few milliseconds to turn on its NIR lights and it uses averagely around 1-2 W during use. If you need any recommendations on what to do, please check out our help article below.
  • Eye Tracker 4C: Eye tracker not connecting


Available demos


Burning Sushi has created an exclusive eye-tracking game where you put your eyes to the test. You can easily set up competitions where people can compete for the highest possible score. The game is called Beatshot and you can download it here.