Feature Guide

Learn more about Tobii features that come
pre-installed on your Lenovo device

Supported Lenovo devices:

Experience head tracking to get a 
more immersive gaming

Increase your security, privacy, and productivity with all new smart features built into your device.

What is Tobii Horizon?

Tobii Horizon is a cutting edge gearless head tracking software that allows gamers to experience a whole new level of immersion in their favorite games.

Tobii Horizon maximizes in-game immersion and allows gamers to take control of the in-game camera using their own head movements and experience a seamless expansion of their field of view.

Our software detects and tracks natural head movements via the built in RGB webcam, extending player’s instincts and senses in an epic selection of games such as Far Cry®, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Assassin’s Creed®, Star Citizen, Euro Truck Simulator, and more.

State of the art immersion powered by Head Tracking and Six Degrees of Freedom

Tobii Horizon uses advanced head tracking technology to translate real-life head movements and provide Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) in games.

The following different movements are possible:

  • Yaw: Rotating your head from side to side
  • Pitch: Rotating your head up and down
  • Roll: Rolling your head from side to side
  • X: Horizontal sideways movement
  • Y: Vertical movement (up and down)
  • Z: Zoom (forwards/backwards movement)







Extended View

Tobii Horizon supports extended field of view by allowing the user to control the in-game camera with intuitive head movements.

By enabling the user to use their head movements as a mode of interaction with the game, they achieve a playing experience that feels more immersive and exciting.

Demonstration tip – Open up a Horizon enabled game to allow the customer to navigate the world and experience the gameplay.

Support in over 55+ game titles and more to come

Tobii Horizon is currently supporting over 55+ games ranging from Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Euro Truck Simulator 2 to Far Cry® 6 Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla.

58 Compatible Games – Find Your Favorites

What is Tobii Aware?

Tobii Aware is a set of smart features that enable users to increase their privacy, security, productivity, and wellbeing.

Our software is developed to detect real-time user presence and attention to understand human intent and anticipate the user’s needs. It can be integrated into a wide range of personal computing products by making use of the built-in RGB webcam. It is an important part of Tobii’s mission to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent.

Your device just got even smarter with Tobii Aware.

Privacy and security features


Privacy screen with Continuous ID

The contents of the screen are blurred when the user looks or steps away, and un-blurred only for the correct user.

Demonstration tip – Look away from the screen while explaining the feature allowing them to see the responsiveness of the user identification. Why not have them try to access the PC?



Enhance privacy and security by automatically locking the screen shortly after the user leaves. 

Demonstration tip – Move away from the screen during the demonstration to show how Aware locks the device.


'Peeker' detection

This feature uses subtle visual clues to let you know when someone behind you is looking at your screen. Aware also offers automatic or reaction-based privacy screen blur to protect the information in situations that require a high level of privacy.

Demonstration tip – Have your customer interact with the computer while you peek over their shoulder.

Productivity and wellbeing features


Stay awake

No need to worry about your device dimming or going to sleep when you aren’t active. Keep your computer awake as long as you are there. 


Dim screen

Improve power efficiency in a natural and unobtrusive way. Your screen brightness will dim and undim when you step away and come back.
Demonstration tip – Move back from the screen during usage to show the power efficiency settings in action.


Windows Snap

Make your life easier by snapping your selected window between screens based on your attention.


Warp mouse pointer

Lower your mouse mileage by having your pointer warp to the screen you’re looking at. This helps you easily find your cursor wherever you left it.
Demonstration tip – Connect a second screen with ‘extended view’ in order to demonstrate this feature.


Digital wellbeing insights

Measure daily usage and track habits such as screen time, user position, distance to screen, and break times to provide insights and healthy reminders. 

Tobii Experience app

Tobii Experience is a UWP app used to configure and control all features and settings of Tobii Aware and Tobii Horizon.

Within Tobii Experience you can toggle features on and off, adjust settings to your preference, learn how to use the software, find compatible games for Horizon, and get access to support. 

To launch Tobii Experience either:

  • Select ‘Tobii Experience’ from the Windows Start menu.
  • Select the ‘Tobii Experience’ icon from the system tray.