Gain natural control

Use eye- and head tracking with six degrees of freedom to control the in-game camera.

Hands on the wheel and eyes on the road

The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is a complement to using a steering wheel as it enables you to keep your freedom of movement of the in-game camera while your hands stay on the wheel to control your vehicle.

Head movement

Head tracking complements eye tracking as it allows you to make larger movements just like in real life when standing at an intersection, and you need to look left and right to look out for incoming traffic.

Balanced cornering

Retain a better balance when taking corners. Natural movements of the in-game camera make it easier to focus on what’s ahead and not directly in front of you.

Toggle on/off feature

Set any hotkey to toggle the features On/Off.

Easy vehicle handling

It takes a set of skills to handle your vehicle correctly, and especially when parking. Using eye- and head tracking, you will gain a greater sense of the situation and learn that handling your vehicle becomes more manageable.

Improve your simulation with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

Use eye- and head movements for controlling the in-game camera to reach complete immersion.

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