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Go further in F1® 2018 with Eye Tracking.

Drive even more classic F1® cars and and enjoy greater career depth with an even more immersive experience using eye tracking.

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Eye Tracking Features in F1® 2018.

  • Extended View

    Pan the in-game camera with your eyes by looking at the edges of the screen.

  • Clean UI

    Declutter your screen and hide UI elements when you are not looking at them.

Race to the finish line.

Bringing over features from F1® 2017 - broaden your vision of all in front and around you with eye tracking to get a clear and expansive view of the race course.

  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Clean UI
MAKE HEADLINES with F1® 2018
Watch the official gameplay trailer for F1® 2018 and find out what to expect from this year's outing at the race tracks.

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