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Let your eyes take control of the navigation map with Eye Tracking

When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are – Just conquer it!

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Eye Tracking Features in Master of Orion

  • Zoom at Gaze

    Use your gaze to naturally navigate the galaxy map

  • Bungee Zoom

    Quickly inspect a star cluster by holding the appointed button to zoom out, and release to zoom in where you look

  • Gamepad Cursor Warp

    Explore new worlds by looking where you want to go, and clicking the left controller stick

Master of Orion + Tobii Eye Tracking

Your objective is to crush worlds, establish diplomatic relations, and manipulate leaders while amassing vast resources. We guarantee this: Your vision will lead the intergalactic conquest.

  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Bungee Zoom
  • Center at Gaze
  • Zoom at Gaze
  • Gamepad Cursor Warp

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