Dive into Dreamfall Chapters with Tobii Eye Tracking
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Dive into Dreamfall Chapters with Tobii Eye Tracking

Embark on a magical journey in a game that mixes cyberpunk sci-fi with fantasy.

Explore beautifully detailed worlds...

..with a deeper sense of immersion with these 3 eye tracking gameplay features. Interact at Gaze allows you to fluidly engage with various in-game elements by just looking at them. Radial Menu provides greater ease in selecting from multiple action menus with your gaze. Extended View gives you a better look at the surrounding environments using your sight to guide the in-game camera

  • Interaction at Gaze
  • Radial Menus

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Tobii Eye Tracker 5

Engineered for Gaming

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is the next generation of head and eye tracking, engineered for PC gaming. The only device capable of tracking both head and eye movements for game interaction, esports training, and streaming, Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is a revolutionary new way to play and compete in your favorite games.

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