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Play Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 with Eye Tracking

Restore order to the free world with eye tracking features that will have you running and gunning between cover with greater ease.

How to play

Eye Tracking Features in Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2

Cover at Gaze

Take cover more efficiently by using your eyes to help you move between shielded spots.

Aim at Gaze

Get to your targets by aiming directly with your sight.

Throw at Gaze

Throw grenades to the area of the screen you are looking at.

Mark at Gaze

Mark high priority targets by looking at them.

Eye tracking's got you covered.

Take cover more efficiently by using your instincts - and your eyes. Get a better view of the threats and opportunities in your surroundings when the camera moves to where you're looking with Extended View. Easily mark enemies by looking at them and take aim when they're in sight. Increase your immersion by dimming the unused HUD elements with Clean UI.

  • Aim at Gaze
  • Clean UI
  • Cover at Gaze
  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Mark at Gaze
  • Throw at Gaze
The Division 2 - Eye Tracking Features
Make the most of the cover-based shooter by swiftly and efficiently taking cover and aiming at your enemies by keeping the threats and opportunities in the game environment in sight.

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