Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla


Play Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla with Eye Tracking

Lead your clan towards England and use eye tracking to make the journey a little smoother

Battle between the kingdoms

While leading your clan to England you will face tough battles on the way. Using eye tracking can make your journey a little bit smoother as you can use aim at gaze to have your initial aim be based on where you are looking.

Control the in-game camera for a greater sense of view. Make the environment reactive by adjusting the lighting in accordance with your eyes rather than where the in-game camera is pointing. When you find precious loot, pick the object you want to pick up by looking at it.

Aim at Gaze

Do not let the game assume that you want your initial aim to land at the center of the in-game camera. Instead, let the initial aim be based on where you are looking.

Extended View

Extend your field of view by using head and eye tracking to move the in-game camera.

Dynamic Light & Sun Effects

The human eye adapts to light conditions so let the brightness and lighting adjust based on where you are looking.

Interaction at Gaze

No need to center loot you want to grab with the in-game camera, instead pick up what you are currently looking at. Super intuitive and effortless.

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