Like never

in Dying Light with
The Tobii Eye Tracker 5


Aim with gaze

Be ready at all times

Zombies can show up when you least expect them.
With our aim with gaze feature, just click the aim button and your gun will point in the direction you are looking.

Who knows, you might just survive another zombie.

Clean UI

See only what you need to see

Why keep your map and health information up at all times?

With our clean UI features, HUD elements such as maps and status bars fade out unless you actually look at them. This will give you a better immersive experience.

Interract with Gaze

Your eyes have never been this powerful

With eye tracking all you need to do in order to interact with an object is to look at it.

Opening chests, doors, looting corpses or even turning on the radio has never been easier.

Zombie Awareness

Be careful of what you are looking at

Add an extra layer of difficulty.

The infected can sense when you are looking at them. And they are not too keen on being looked at..

Flashlight Control

A brilliant new way to play

With our Flashlight Control feature, your flashlight mirrors your eye movement and always points to where you are looking.

No extra action is needed to light up your surroundings; your eyes control what you see, literally.

Vault with Gaze

Get out of my way

Why would you ever want to run full on
towards a bunch of zombies?

Because it’s great fun! As long as you look at an infected while running at them, you will automatically use them as jumping booster.

Climb with Gaze

Focus on your escape

Sometimes the infected are too much to handle and fleeing is the only solution.

While sprinting, just look at areas you want to climb and when you finally are close enough, you will automatically climb the obstacle.

This gives you an advantage when being chased by zombies.

Extended View

Become aware of your surroundings

You never know when a zombie is running full speed towards you.

With the feature extended view, your in-game vision will adapt to where you are looking. This gives you a much bigger field of view, helping you stay aware of your surroundings.

Throw with Gaze

Keep them at a safe distance

Got a broken weapon you can’t repair? Great news! 

Just look at a target and throw it in the face of an infected.

If there is more than one zombie you need to take down, why not use the multi throw by holding down the throw-button; look at your targets and voilà!

Dynamic Lighting

Let there be light (or darkness)

Just like in real life, have the light and brightness adapt based on where you are looking.

Your character’s eyes adapt to different light conditions providing you with a deeper and more immersive world environment.

Multithrow with Gaze

Killing three zombies with one throw

Be more efficient with your throws. Just look at up to three different targets and release the throw button to hit all three of them in one fell swoop.

Let’s get some triple kills!

Auto Pause

Dinner time isn't a problem anymore

If you for some reason get distracted IRL, you don’t have to worry about a zombie attacking you while you are not paying attention. The game will automatically pause as soon as you look away from your screen.

Meet the Tobii Eye Tracker 5

The next generation
of eye and head tracking,

engineered for PC gamers.

The next generation of eye and head tracking, engineered for PC Gaming.

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Our technology makes your favorite games more immersive, now natural eye and head movements become an additional input layer alongside your mouse and keyboard, driving wheel or H.O.T.A.S.
Monitors traditionally occupy just 18° of the 200-220° field of view humans have. Gaming with the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is like getting a bit of that lost peripheral vision back, it’s like mouse-look without the mouse.
Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is the only device capable of tracking both head and eye movements for game interaction and streaming. A revolutionary new way to interact with your favorite game, freeing your hands for other actions.
Intelligent sensor technology with a custom-built infrared optical sensor, engineered specifically for responsiveness, accuracy, and reliability. Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is extremely precise and capable, even in lower light conditions.
279 EURAdd to cart
VAT included + Free shipping


We create technology that enables gamers to experience their favorite immersive games like never before.
We create technology that enables gamers to experience their favorite immersive games like never before.

It is part science and part art to optimize a game for eye tracking and head tracking, as you get to experience and control the game world differently. Every game is unique, built from available game design, art style, mechanics, technology and team, which is why we optimize PC games based on new releases and community requests for back-catalog titles.

Content Creation

We’ve got the content creator in you covered
We’ve got the content creator in you covered

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