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Enjoy the ride in Project CARS 2 with Eye Tracking.

Play this astonishing, technically-advanced racing game with a new level of immersion using eye tracking features.

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Eye Tracking Features in Project CARS 2

  • Extended View

    Pans or rotates the in-game camera. Look towards the edges of the screen with your eyes or turn your head.

Feel the ride. Enjoy the sights.

Eye tracking in Project CARS 2 gives you a better view of the track with Extended View. Keep an eye on your opponents and get a more natural feeling when taking corners by panning the camera when you look towards the edges of the screen.

NOTE: Game must be started in Steam VR mode and helmet cam enabled for eye tracking to work.
  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
Project CARS 2 - Official Launch Trailer
Watch the official launch trailer for Project CARS 2 and see what lies in store for you as you test your driving skills on the race track.

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