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Look at the after effects of your actions, and reflect on them.

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Eye Tracking Features in Reflections

Character Awareness

Your gaze triggers a response in other game characters – adding emotional attachment to the characters and the story game.

Interact at Gaze

Select in-game objects just by looking at them and pressing a button to interact with them

Throw at Gaze

Aim by looking on the screen where you want to throw an in-game object. You can even move in one direction and throw in an opposite.

Dynamic Depth of Field

Since the computer knows where you are looking, it can simulate depth of field by applying a simulated blur to the scene at appropriate depths. This feature adds a sense of presence, “cementing” you into the game.

Look a little further...

Extended view allows you to pan the in-game camera with your gaze, improving your situational awareness.

  • Character Awareness
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Extended View - Only Eye Tracking
  • Interaction at Gaze
  • Response to Eye Contact
  • Throw at Gaze

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