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Play Reflections with Eye Tracking

Look at the after effects of your actions, and reflect on them.

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Eye Tracking Features in Reflections

  • Character Awareness

    Your gaze triggers a response in other game characters – adding emotional attachment to the characters and the story game.

  • Interact at Gaze

    Select in-game objects just by looking at them and pressing a button to interact with them

  • Throw at Gaze

    Aim by looking on the screen where you want to throw an in-game object. You can even move in one direction and throw in an opposite.

  • Dynamic Depth of Field

    Since the computer knows where you are looking, it can simulate depth of field by applying a simulated blur to the scene at appropriate depths. This feature adds a sense of presence, “cementing” you into the game.

Look a little further...

Extended view allows you to pan the in-game camera with your gaze, improving your situational awareness.

  • Throw at Gaze
  • Interaction at Gaze
  • Response to Eye Contact
  • Character Awareness
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Extended View - Only Eye Tracking

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