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Play Shelter 2 with Eye Tracking

Your gaze will trigger mechanics that will aid you to survive, thrive and nurture.

Eye Tracking Features in Shelter 2

  • Extended View

    The scene camera pans out as your gaze reaches the edges of the screen, improving situational awareness.

  • Response to Eye Contact

    Look at one of your cubs and meow, your cub will respond and signal how it’s feeling – a mechanic that enhances the emotional bond to your cubs.

  • Target at Gaze

    Lay your eyes on your potential prey, and an aura will light up around it – facilitating spotting the prey.

  • Auto-Turn

    Your point of gaze becomes the same as that of the mother lynx. You basically direct your avatar’s movement with your eyes – adding a directional awareness element and speed during gameplay.

Let your eyes guide a powerful lynx through the wild. Your mission is to raise and strengthen your cubs by mastering your hunting skills, while protecting them against their natural predators on the cold tundra.

  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Auto-Turn
  • Response to Eye Contact
  • Target at Gaze
How to Play Shelter 2 with Tobii Eye Tracking

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