Powered by Tobii Eye Tracking

Play SOMA with Eye Tracking. Embrace the fear.

And drift off to horrors buried deep. By using Tobii Eye Tracking technology you will be set free from scene size limits, helping you to experience true dread. The technology serves to intensify your sense of presence during gameplay when interacting with both environments and A.I.

How to play

Eye Tracking Features in Soma

  • Flashlight Control

    Ehannce your sense of in-game presence by steering the direction of the light beam with your gaze

  • Affect Environment at Gaze

    Get absorbed by Soma's frightful ambience by triggering different effects through the game with with your eyes.

  • Affect AI at Gaze

    Trigger the "Sentients" specific reactions with your gaze

Slide into the Skin of Simon Jarret

And in facing horrors and moral dilemmas, you will review your own assumptions of what it is to be a sentient being- and, all the way to a disturbing ending, what it ultimately means to be human.

  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Flashlight Control
  • Zoom at Gaze
  • Affect AI at Gaze
  • Affect Environment at Gaze
Play & Experience SOMA with Tobii Eye Tracking [Full Video]
Tobii Eye Tracking provides totally new experiences in SOMA with eye tracking. Dive deeper into the suspenseful atmosphere of Soma with the Tobii Eye Tracker. Learn more about Tobii Eye Tracking in SOMA

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