How to play The Solus Project with Eye Tracking
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How to play The Solus Project with Eye Tracking

You are completely and utterly alone. Use your wits and clarity of vision to explore, interact, build and remain alive. As the sole survivor of your crew, your mission is to unlock the mysteries of an enigmatic alien civilization that might hold the key to mankind’s survival.

Uncover the mysteries of an alien world

Eye Tracking in the Solus Project brings more in-depth immersion to your game. Use your natural gaze to select items in the world around you intuitively. Use your sixth sense to find hidden pieces of treasure and Affect Environment at Gaze by triggering objects to react to you looking at them – increasing your sense of presence in the game world. For example, some plants will close themselves when you look at them. Dynamic Depth of Field is an effect similar to auto-focus. Look at an object or spot and the subject will stay in focus, while everything in your peripheral vision will blur.

  • Affect Environment at Gaze
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Select at Gaze
  • Sixth Sense

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