Powered by Tobii Eye Tracking

Survive the Dying Light with Eye Tracking

Gazing at zombies has never been this challenging – or exhilarating.

How to play

Don’t stare. The zombies are aware.

Take parkour-fueled zombie survival to a whole new level with immersive and adrenaline-boosting Eye Tracking features. See the undead react to your presence when you spot them with Zombie Awareness, and escape the horrors more efficiently with gaze-assisted Auto-Climb when sprinting.

  • Aim at Gaze
  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Auto-Climb
  • Flashlight Control
  • Interaction at Gaze
  • Multi-Throw at Gaze
  • Zombie Awareness
How to Play Dying Light: The Following with Tobii Eye Tracking
Feel the rush of immersion as you move through the rooftops, alleyways, and dark tunnels in Dying Light – watch the video to learn more about how eye tracking adds to your gameplay.

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