Powered by Tobii Eye Tracking

Get adventuring in StarCrawlers with Eye Tracking

Dive right into a spacepunk universe and take on a variety of exciting (and shady) challenges.

Eye Tracking Features in StarCrawlers

  • Extended View

    Free yourself from scene size. You look around, the game camera turns. Boom!

  • Interaction at Gaze

    Interact with objects in the game directly with your gaze. Efficient.

  • Ability Selection at Gaze

    In battle mode, you can use your gaze to select the ability to use. (Choose wisely!)

Bounty-hunting, sabotage and espionage. See it all.

Guide your band of StarCrawlers and heighten the stakes of your adventure with eye tracking. Easily navigate the map, select your ability and interact with objects using your gaze. See more of the universe around you by moving the screen with your gaze and getting rid of screen clutter.

  • Clean UI
  • Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking
  • Interaction at Gaze
  • Ability Selection at Gaze
  • Map Navigation

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