How to use Eye Tracking in your Alienware m15/m17

How to use Eye Tracking in your Alienware m15/m17

Get to grips with the thinnest, lightest and most powerful 15-inch Alienware laptop ever. Also, a world first to incorporate Eye Tracking.

Get to know your Alienware m15/m17


Get to know your Alienware m15/m17

The Alienware m15 and m17 is a powerful machine that comes with a host of smart eye tracking features to suit your needs. These in turn help your laptop's power performance as well as functionality

Start with:
  • Opening up the Tobii Experience App from your windows menu
  • Calibrate the Eye Tracker to get the best performance
  • And navigate to The Experience tab
  • Turn on the features you feel you will benefit from
And see all movies below on how you can improve your day to day life with all the amazing features


Turn On Screen

By enabling this feature your computer will turn on when you are in front of it without you having to touch anything


Dim Screen Automatically

By enabling Dim Screen the computer will notice when you are not in front of it and dim your screen in order to save battery power.


The Application Switcher

Windows menus will become responsive to where you look if you enable the Windows functions.

  1. Press and hold the Alt or Win key and then tap the Tab key.
  2. Keep the Alt or Win key pressed
  3. Look at the application you want to go to
  4. Release the Alt or Win key.
  5. You will now go to the application you looked at.


Game Features

Eye tracking technology adds to the gameplay experience by allowing you to use your natural eye movements as an additional input in gaming, complementing keyboards, mice and gamepads.

See a guide with more features here: Game Features
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