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Play HyperDot with Eye Tracking

Increase the difficulty with eye tracking in this action arcade game to quickly evade enemies and test your dodging skills in over 100 hand-crafted trials.

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Eye Tracking Features in HyperDot

Control at Gaze

Enjoy handsfree control. You have just one task: dodge!

Bonus features

Enable Clean UI to have the in-game HUD elements fade out when you do not pay attention to them, use Extended View to pan the in-game camera in the direction you are looking and have the game pause whenever you are looking away by using the feature User Presence (auto-pause).

  • Auto-Pause
  • Clean UI
  • Control at Gaze
  • Extended View - Only Eye Tracking
HyperDot Announcement Trailer
Dodge Everything. HyperDot is an action arcade game rooted in minimalist design, maximum challenge, and infinite flexibility.

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