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Play Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island with Eye Tracking

In this 3D platformer game, your mission consists in saving the island from total and utter destruction. No stress though; you will count on an upgradable arsenal of gadgets, weapons and your own eyes to jump and fight your way forward!

Let your eyes assist you in completing four different environments and a dozen levels.

By immersing yourself into the gameworld of Skylar & Plux with Tobii Eye Tracking, you’ll be able to effortlessly steer your avatar and survey your surroundings with your gaze. Clean UI clears away HUD elements that jump you out of character when you are not looking at them and a new immersive feature, with Magnet at Gaze, pick up enemies and shoot where you look while holding the magnet.

  • Auto-Turn
  • Clean UI
  • Magnet at Gaze

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